Tackling timewasters

17 Sep 2018

At HomeSwapper we had become aware of an issue that swappers were having with ‘timewasters’; other users who weren’t responding to messages or were not active users of the swapping service. We’re always looking to make the site the best it can be for our swappers, so we asked what they thought could be done to tackle this – and what a response we got!

We had some fantastic suggestions come through to us and our team then explored all the options, looking for solutions that would be fair to everyone. These will be introduced in phases and we are very happy to announce the first one here.

The ‘timewasting’ issue that seemed most important to our users was when swappers don’t respond to their messages, so it was this one we decided to action first. Below we will detail the new process, active from Tuesday 18th September 2018.


1. If you haven’t replied to all your messages in the last 3 months, then the following message will appear on your Dashboard.


This means that you’ll not be able to contact other swappers until you have replied to all messages in your inbox (received in the last 3 months).


2. On the Messages section of your account you’ll also see the following message when trying to create a new message.


You can easily see any messages you need to reply to as they will be highlighted in red:


If you haven’t used HomeSwapper in a while, you may also need to click the “load earlier conversations” link to check if there are any older messages you need to reply to.

Remember – you only need to reply to messages up to and including those from 3 months ago.


3. And when you look at other tenants’ walls you’ll also be shown a warning message that you are not able to write on it.



With this measure, we aim to encourage users of HomeSwapper who intend to use the site for mutual exchange to reply to all their messages – even if only to say ‘no thank you’.


4. To clear these notifications, all you have to do is go through your inbox and reply to all messages you haven’t replied to yet.


This can be done by typing a personal reply or using the message suggestions feature.



We also have a ‘No thanks’ button installed in messages, which can easily be clicked on to let other swappers know you’re not interested.



But of course – it’s much easier to keep up with your inbox and reply to messages as they come through!


5. As soon as all the messages in your inbox have been replied to, you’ll get the Platinum badge.

This means that you can once again send new messages, write on other swappers’ walls and view other users’ contact details.



Thank you to everyone who gave suggestions and we look forward to letting you know the next phase very soon!