How to make photography work for you

29 May 2018

We want nothing more than to see you have a successful HomeSwapper journey. One of the key things that can help is how your advert looks - and there's nothing better for this than including some great photos of your home!

So we've put together a simple guide to taking photos and making the most of your home:

Give your house a spring clean

Great photos could make all the difference to other swappers, so why not give your home a bit of a spring clean and show your home at its best? A quick tidy up before those all-important photos are taken really does make a difference to how other swappers will see your home. So, make your bed, tidy up the cushions on the sofa, take away any magazines etc. from surfaces, wash up the dishes and clear your work tops. These simple changes will breathe new life into your home!

Set the scene

Think about your home as though you were seeing for the first time… what would you be impressed by? What would make you want to see more? A couple of easy fixes to making your rooms look bright and airy are to move your furniture around to create space in the centre of the room, opening up your curtains or blinds, or if this doesn't work with your picture, making sure the rooms are well lit.

Get the angle right

Hold the camera in the corner of the room, so that you're able to see as much of the room as possible and give other swappers a good idea of its size. Take a look around - what do you want to feature? Take your photo from the corner that best shows this off. And don't forget to hold your camera still! You want a crystal-clear image of the room.

Now upload and add to your HomeSwapper account! This couldn't be easier with 4 simple steps:

1. Log into your account at to access your dashboard

2. From the options at the top of the screen click 'My details'

3. From the drop-down list that appears click 'The home I've got'

4. You should see a line of circles, each with a different option for your advert. The last circle has a camera in it, just click on that.

photo icon