Working with other swappers

22 May 2018

Our third and final article on how to be a successful swapper looks at working with other swappers and how to get the most out of these interactions. Keep the tips below in mind and good luck with your search!

Look out for badges

It's very important to look out for the bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges, which show you how good swappers are at replying to messages sent to them. Prioritising these swappers in your search is a good idea, as you will know that they are more likely to respond to your messages, meaning less frustration all round!

Get the full picture

Before you commit to viewing a property, make sure that you have all the information that will help you decide if this is a realistic swap. If it's not clear from their advert, then just ask the other swapper, who should be happy to make sure you have all the information to make a decision. Remember, it's in their best interests as well to be honest now, rather than having the swap fall through at a later stage! Make sure you know what's included in the swap, i.e. furniture, white goods etc; what the tenancy type is; what the full rent is; and any eligibility issues and occupancy requirements. Finally, ensure that you check that the current tenant has permission to make any changes to the property - if they haven't, this could be a reason for the landlord to refuse a swap!

Be nice!

Manners never cost a thing… which is certainly worth remembering when you're trying to swap homes with another person. We have seen some fairly rude responses from a minority of swappers, which are both unfair and unnecessary. Remember, you're talking to another person who may be hurt by your comments - and if you're not interested in their home, a simple 'no, thank you' works well! Equally, if you receive unpleasant messages, you can find a button allowing you to block another user within the Messages section of your HomeSwapper account.

If you're not sure of what to say…

Within your Messages section on HomeSwapper we've created a function that gives you ideas of what to say to swappers you want to message. So, if you just don't know how to get that conversation started, click on the link, 'See message suggestions', choose what you want to say and get chatting!

Be certain about your swap

Anyone on a swapping site will have read stories about 'timewasters' and here, our advice is simple: don't make any changes to your life until your swap has been approved and you've signed the paperwork. Swaps can fall through for all manner of reasons and the last thing we want to see is any unnecessary disruption to your life. We know it's hard to wait when you're excited about the big move, but always make sure that you're certain you're really moving before you make those changes.